Friday, February 1, 2013

HIIT 10minute Exercise

High Intensity Interval Training is the best way to keep healthy and to lose excess weight. 
It has been suggested that this type of exercise is more beneficial than spending hours in the gym. 
Even if you were to spend just 30 seconds a day doing only one exercise movement you will see and feel the benefits. 

I recommend 10 minutes of any combination of the movements I have put together. They mainly target the hips, bums, thighs and abs. These areas being of most concern for most women. 

Here is how I recommend you put together the routine.

Exercise  1 -  30sec
Exercise  2-  30 sec.         X 2 rep
Exercise. 3-  30 sec

30 second break
Continue with any other combination in the same way as above

HIIT works because it demands 90% effort which means that the body starts burning fat cells straigh away. This also raises the metabolic rate of the body so that your body will continue to burn fat after the exercise for up to 24 hrs! 

Start with one move for 30 seconds if you find it difficult and increase the routine to 60 sec with a 
combination of 2 moves. 

I do not recommend more than 10 minutes however if you feel up to the challenge then you can try my "HIIT Suicide" which is 18 minutes and includes all the moves. 

Make sure to hydrate and to warm up for a few minutes before hand and do some stretches after the exercise.

Enjoy getting fit and if you have any questions or if you would like your own costom designed routine you can contact me on

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