Thursday, January 24, 2013


Henna is the most natural sun block known to man! it is also far more effective than any other sun tan lotion brand on the market. you can experiment with the pure natural Henna your self. make sure that you do not buy the ones mixed with colouring agents.

if you were to apply Henna to a patch of your skin and expose yourself to the sun you would see when the colour effect of the Henna has worn off that beneath it is still as white as the day you applied the Henna.

Henna is also great for cooling down the skin for burns. Its great for healing Boils, Burns and bruises and is a pain killer when applied to skin.

It helps eliminate dandruff and moisturises the scalp as well as eliminate split ends when applied to the hair as hair mask.

The best sun tan cream on the market which contains Henna is called CARROT SUN.
it comes in a tub or spray and can also be used with sun beds.

It comes in 6 colours.. my favorite is Mixed Berries.

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