Monday, January 31, 2011


Hair loss is a major issue for a lot of people and it seems to be a universal problem.
Doctors will prescribe vitamin and mineral supplements and it may or may not work.

But if you want to try and resolve the issue with natural means which in the long run is probably more beneficial for you any way here is a list of what you should eat to slow down or eliminate hair loss

First off you need to reduce the intake of animal fat products
and you need to increase the intake of

Liver and
Cold water fish

you also need to increase the intake of silica by eating

Cucumber with the skin on
Bean sprouts and
Red and Green peppers

Eating seaweed daily is excellent for preventing hair loss and Green tea which is an   antioxidant and has great benefits for your health also reduces the testosterone levels in the body which is one of the main reasons for hair loss