Saturday, March 23, 2013


Sugar cane is from the Grass family and has a very small sugar content around 15% and that is in raw unrefined sugars, and it is also Alkaline.
It is rich in Vitamins A,C,B1,2,3,5 and B6, Calcium, Manganese, Copper, Zinc and Cobalt. It is rich is Antioxidants and has a sufficient amount of Chlorophyll too.
It fights cancer, breast in particular and stabilizes the Blood Sugar. So it is very beneficial for Diabetics. It also assists with weight loss and detox’s the Kidneys as well as prevents tooth decay.
It helps to treat Sore Throats, colds and Flu and combined with Ginger makes a potent natural remedy for the symptoms of Colds and Flu.
Sugar Cane has no Simple sugars and so is ideal for Diabetics however should be moderated for Type 2 Diabetics.

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